Video Uploader


Dear member of the higher education community,

Thank you for your interest in participating in ACPA’s video programming, and uploading your video content to our video portal – ACPA Video On Demand.

To upload your video, please:

  1. Fill out the form below (required fields are marked with an asterisk *)
  2. Select your video file from your hard drive, and submit. We recommend you upload your video as an MP4 file format, which is universally accepted on mobile devices. If your file is larger than 1GB, we also recommend you compress the video using a tool called Handbrake.
  3. Upon submission, an ACPA representative will review your video to ensure it meets internal guidelines to length and content.
  4. Once your video is approved, ACPA will work with you to receive your resume and feature it via a hyperlink next to your video. Approved videos will be featured on ACPA Video On Demand and you will be provided with a URL link to your video so you can share it with your community.
  5. For assistance with the uploader, please CONTACT US.