Interview with Victoria Felser

Click here to download Victoria's résumé. Victoria Felser interviews with Dr. Leila Moore from the William Spelman Executive Search firm as part of the Spelman-ACPA Digital Career Development pilot project. During 2015-2016, Spelman and ACPA co-created a career development portfolio of services with a core objective of creating a digital platform for the students that would ultimately support job search, interviewing and placement. Using the scholarship at the core of student learning and development, students advanced through the process using reflection and feedback. An initial interview was conducted via Skype at the end of the Fall semester. Students were given feedback by Spelman on presentation, responses to questions and demeanor. They prepared their resumes and submitted them with the Skype interview to ACPA's Team for Impact & Impression. Students received resources for best practices in digital interviewing and resume creation. At the ACPA Convention in March 2016, the students interviewed again with Spelman and received feedback. The ACPA Team edited the interviews to provide a final version that students can use to further fine-tune their interviewing skills. The videos were given to the students to watch and share. All students participating in the project received a copy of Kevin O'Connell's book, The Niche Movement and they will be the part of the first group to receive ACPA's new myPROfolio.