• Two Year College Student Affairs Practitioners and Their Impact on the Completion Agenda

    What does the completion agenda have to do with student affairs practice in community colleges? What do student affairs practitioners in community college settings have to do with the completion agenda? What are some key questions and considerations that community college student affairs professionals should consider as they respond to calls for greater accountability in relation to graduation rates. Hosted by ACPA College Student Educators International’s Commission for Two-Year Colleges, this moderated panel discussion was facilitated by Dr. Matthew Robison. The panelists focused on the impact that the completion agenda is having on two-year colleges, as well as how student affairs professionals in those settings are and can respond to and support that agenda. Both research and practice was presented during this conversation. Panelists include Dr. Richard Keeling, Dr. Tyjaun Lee, Dr. MeiYen Ireland, and Dr. Yancey Gulley.

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