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2016 Convention Highlights

2016 Convention Highlights

At the 2016 Convention in Montreal, Over 3,000 attendees took advantage of special opportunities,... more

An Integrated Student Affairs Communication Model: The Story of BSUlife.com

An Integrated Student Affairs Communication...

Digital communication tools are ubiquitous at colleges and universities across the United States.... more

Emerging Scholars: Engaging Campus Educators' Voices in Emerging Scholarship

Emerging Scholars: Engaging Campus Educators'...

This session features members of the ACPA Emerging Scholars. All former campus administrators,... more

The Future of Student Development: Scholars Discuss its Role and Relevance

The Future of Student Development: Scholars...

Student Development theory has exploded in the last two decades. As identity theory and... more

#RoadToRyerson: How to Run An Impactful Social Media Campaign

#RoadToRyerson: How to Run An Impactful Social...

Summer of 2015 marks the second successful #RoadToRyerson campaign at Ryerson University in... more

Digital Explorer, Educator or Influencer? New Student Affairs Technology Competency

Digital Explorer, Educator or Influencer? New...

August 24th, 2015, NASPA and ACPA approved the revised version of the Student Affairs Competencies.... more

ACPA Closing General Session

ACPA Closing General Session

Irshad Manji shares insights to close out ACPA's 2016 Convention.

Opening General Session

Opening General Session

Jack Saddleback is currently serving as the President of the University of Saskatchewan Students'... more

ACPA Presidential Symposium Follow-up

ACPA Presidential Symposium Follow-up

Named by Education Week as one of the 50 most influential professors in the field of education,... more

Considerations and Techniques for Assessing Queer and Trans-spectrum Students

Considerations and Techniques for Assessing Queer...

Student affairs practitioners who conduct assessment can attest to the difficulties in... more

Implementing Neuroscience Informed Practices to Improve Student Success: Training Attention Regulation

Implementing Neuroscience Informed Practices to...

Emerging findings in neuroscience provide ideas for advancing student success. From neuroscience,... more

Reclaiming the American Dream, A Community College Perspective

Reclaiming the American Dream, A Community...

In 2012 the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) released Reclaiming the American... more