• Faculty in Residence Fall Call in Show

    Building a successful career in Student Affairs is not only about developing knowledge and skills, it is also a commitment to establishing a professional identity and practice. Given the nature of our work, these efforts are linked to deeply personal elements of our identities, ethics and sense of place in the world. This is ideally what we share with our students in the form of creative, authentic and supportive work with them. While these ideals are achievable, they often get sidetracked in departmental and institutional politics, insecurities around our capabilities and job security, and frustrations about gaps in what we learned and what we face at work. The SCGNP is offering members access to two Faculty in Residence, Dr. Dan Calhoun (Georgia Southern University) and Dr. Jason Laker (San José State University), both of whom have extensive professional and scholarly experience (see: http://www.myacpa.org/faculty-residence). Dan and Jason will be available to candidly respond to questions, ideas and professional concerns during this Call-in-Show. Join the conversation live on twitter #FIRchat

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