• Dr. Nancy Evans: My ACPA Home

    ACPA has been my professional home for the entire time I have been in the profession. It brings me energy, it allows me to connect with people who are bright and caring, who have good ideas that reenergize me. It really is like a professional family.

    My name is Nancy Evans, I am a retired faculty member from Iowa State University and I’ve been a member of ACPA for over 40 years.I’ I’ve been to almost every convention since I’ve joined. I’m actually getting an award a this convention, so, that’s another big reason why I’ve decided to come back.

    Off Screen: What award are you receiving?

    The, “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

    Off Screen: Nancy’s writing, teaching, research and role modeling has touched virtually everyone in student affairs.

    Thank you so much for this great honor. I can’t begin to thank all the wonderful ACPA people who were apart of choosing me for this award.

    Humbling. Very honored to know that people that I respect so much have acknowledged my work and my contributions. It’s so important to get involved beyond your campus. When you’re on campus doing your work, you see only one little piece of what the field is about. When you get involved in ACPA or another professional organization, you get to meet people from all over the country, and now, more and more international. You just meet so many wonderful people, and it just does re-energize you and give you a sense of purpose.

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