• #ACPA15 Petey Peterson: Authentically & Unapologetically Existing as a Trans Educator

    Showing up authentically and unapologetically as your holistic self is something that can feel unattainable in many spaces, in may ways, for many different reasons. This can be even more difficult when institutional structures make it difficult for you to exist as you want to be seen. As a student affairs professional who identifies as Trans, genderqueer, queer, and uses singular plural gender pronouns it is difficult to balance being authentically myself professionally and personally. Petey has learned the best practice is to show up everyday refusing to lie about who they are and to stop apologizing if that makes things more difficult for the institutions they serve. This is Petey's narrative and they hope through the bravery in being visible as all of who they are inspires you to do the same. About the Speaker Petey Peterson earned their M.Ed. in Higher Education & Student Affairs from Iowa State University in 2012, and a B.S. in Child, Adult, and Family Services & Communication Studies from Iowa State as well. For two years, Petey served as conference co-chair to the Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference (attracting over 1700 students from 22 states). During this time Petey also advised the Iowa State LGBT and Ally Alliance and was a Graduate Assistant and Equity and Social Justice Educator at the Margaret Sloss Women’s Center. Petey is a member of ACPA and currently serves on the Standing Committee for LGBT Awareness as the Equity Officer. They are also a member of the Consortium of Higher Education currently serving as the South/Southeast Regional Representative. Petey has been a program coordinator with LGBTQI Life since July of 2012. Outside of work they enjoy spending time with their two dogs, golfing, kayaking, and playing rec league softball and kickball.

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