• #ACPA15 - Michael Fulford: Assessing Student Learning: A Dancer’s Perspective

    Michael is a professional ballroom dance instructor. He has been for 16 years. Michael is a higher education professional. He has been for 16 years. When he merged the two worlds, he found the commonalities uncanny. Michael shares how the connections between these two worlds relate to your world as a student affairs professional and especially as you seek to unravel and understand teaching, learning, and assessment in higher education.

    About the Speaker
    Michael has worked in higher education since he was a student. He finished his Masters in Student Personnel at the University of Georgia. Michael has worked at a variety of institutions and had responsibilities for many if not most of the functional areas you will find in higher education. He has always valued assessment at every level and it serves him well in his current role as Director of Assessment in the College of Pharmacy. He has a been deeply involved in ACPA and GCPA and they continue to ground him in his work.



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