• #ACPA15 Lisa Endersby: 18,200 Feet – Falling (and Failing) with Style

    In order to achieve success, it often seems like we must learn to defy the laws of physics. Up is good, down is bad. Success means flying, failure means falling. This session challenges these superhero ideals, finding beauty in free fall and struggle in the ascension to 'success'. We'll cover falling with style, climbing with caution, and ultimately, that success and failure are complex paths, not elevator rides. About the Speaker Lisa has spent over 6 years in higher education, working in first year transition & leadership development, with side trips to community service learning and career services. Her research and writing has been presented and published both nationally and internationally, focusing on assessment, professional development, authentic leadership, and online communities. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto and Master's in Leadership Studies from the University of Victoria. A very proud Canadian (eh?), Lisa reads just about anything and everything, loves long walks and short runs, and just recently achieved her lifelong dream of high fiving a penguin.

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