• #ACPA15 Francy Magee: Becoming Xena: Developing Un-Stop-Ability in your Leadership

    Becoming Xena and developing un-stop-ability in the face of obstacles and "no-sayers" is a critical skill for Student Affairs professionals. While becoming unstoppable means you have to develop a clear vision, it does not mean adopting an attitude of "my way or the highway" because Xena knows that there is more than one road to get where she wants. Nor does becoming Xena mean that you get everyone on board with your idea; it means that you move forward with key partners who get where you are going. Learn how to develop habits of mind to make progress with your vision. About the Speaker: In her 20+ year career in student affairs, Dr. Francy Magee (https://twitter.com/francymagee) has pursued a generalist career, attaining positions leading student activities, leadership development, fraternity and sorority life, international student services, residential life, housing operations, student conduct, assessment, multicultural/intercultural affairs, students of concern and crisis response, academic advising, volunteer services and service learning, student health and wellness, disability services and auxiliary services. Francy’s areas of expertise include developing student of concern protocols and practices, building professionals’ teamwork toward common vision, collaborating with faculty, and broadening student engagement toward greater inclusion of diverse student populations. She is passionate about promoting leadership competencies within the profession of student affairs.

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