• #ACPA15 Benjamin Lamb: Take a Hike. Bringing Student Affairs into Nature

    We live in a world infused with technology, office spaces, buildings and meetings. Why? What makes us encase ourselves in a shell that essentially detaches us from our external and natural world for the time we are at work? Let's go on an adventure and discover what types of opportunities and benefits can be derived from taking a hike, climbing a tree, holding an outdoor meeting or class, or generally "greening" our work lives. About the Speaker: Having spent a past life as a salmon population researcher, glue maker for NASA, wildlife ecotourism coordinator in Belize, and a wildlife firefighter, eventually Ben Lamb found his way toward his destined landing point in Higher Education. With a day job dedicated engaging students at all facets of their identities, creating opportunity for leadership development, and providing programming across campus, he's married to a Residence Life professional, father to an adorable Golden Retriever, and elects to spend his non-work time as a local City Councillor in the community he lives, working on professional development for his colleagues and others, and pursuing his PhD in Higher Education Administration.

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