• #ACPA15 Alfred Day: The Insidiousness of Misogyny & Bullying in Nerd Communities

    The popularity of events like Comic-Con and the mainstreaming of comic book movies have brought many women into spaces that had for years been almost exclusively male. The passion that these women bring into these communities, rather than being universally welcomed, has often resulted in vile and embarrassing displays of misogyny and the dismissal of women with the appellation “Fake Geek Girl”. How has a community formed in large part due to a desire to escape from bullying, embraced revisiting the oppression they experienced on another group for the crime of simply wanting to embrace the culture? Listen to Alfred to find out. About the Speaker Alfred Day has worked in Student Affairs in Higher Education for over twenty years. Holding positions in Residence Life, University Development and Behavioral Intervention and Threat Assessment. Alfred has been one of the pioneers of the GeekEd movement, creating strategies for reaching out to students from all backgrounds who consider themselves "nerds" or "geeks". Many of these students, not coincidentally also find themselves marginalized on college campuses and in society. Working with colleagues to promote GeekEd has resulted in an explosion of interest and innovative programming on campuses such as Geek Weeks, Geek Girl Panels, and addressing the issues of Misogyny and Bullying in Nerd Communities. Alfred has also enjoyed a career as a professional stage actor and stand-up comedian.

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